Careers / Intermediaries


  • Deutsche Royal's people are the firm's most valuable asset and are critical to our success as a highly respected asset management and advisory firm. Over the years, Deutsche Royal has been a magnet for some of the most talented professionals in our industry. We seek qualified candidates who believe, as we do, that intellectual capital is the driving force in creating economic value.

    Deutsche Royal provides a wide range of work experience and learning opportunities through our asset management businesses, which include the management of our private equity funds, real estate funds, hedge fund solutions, credit oriented funds and closed-end mutual funds; and our various advisory services businesses (including financial and strategic advisory, restructuring and reorganization advisory and fund placement advisory services)

  • Intermediaries

    Deutsche Royal will pay an industry standard success fee for a completed transaction referred to us by an intermediary or private equity group. Should a PEG prefer, we will also consider a right to co-invest in lieu of a referral fee.

    We offer an attractive exit alternative for sellers who may not want to see their companies disappear into a strategic acquirer or join a large financial portfolio. We also do not require management continuity—an important distinction from many other private equity groups.

    We offer the following benefits to you and your clients:

    Since we are prepared to provide a full-time operating executive, we do not discount the value of opportunities where current management seeks to exit or to reduce active involvement in the business.

    We will generally respond within 48 hours after the submission of an investment opportunity.

    We have significant financial resources at our disposal and are committed to completing the transaction professionally with high speed and certainty from the signing of a letter of intent.

    We are flexible in our deal structure and terms and will write a tailored, fair offer, taking into account your client's needs including tax issues, lifestyle desires, estate planning and the future involvement with the company.

    Our collective experience encompasses both the buy side and sell side of the transaction process as principals and as advisors. Our team has bought dozens of private companies in the past and understands the importance of making the process a positive one for all involved.

    We are committed to taking our acquisition to the next level through fundamental improvements and will be highly focused on the company's employees, growth and operations, maximizing their potential over the long term.